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About Elatec

The ELATEC POWER DISTRIBUTION GmbH is a medium-sized provider of solutions for energy distribution and supply. Our main competencies are the development and production of medium-voltage systems as well as their installation and commissioning.
On the company site of Konz, we develop and produce switchgear for the most different cases of application in the areas of
power generation and power distribution. Apart from that, we offer within our portfolio a range of special products as well as retrofit solutions for almost every case of application in the field of power distribution.
In the course of the years, our company became an innovation leader for medium voltage switchgear. Today, we are proud to put complex development projects into practice for notable global players within the electrical industry. We market our products worldwide.
We carry out the plant installation, commissioning, and maintenance wherever our customers need us. Our products are used in power plants, power supply grids, and most different industrial plants and ensure a safe and efficient operation. We pay attention to adhere to international and country-specific standards when developing series plants and special plants.

Our employees at the Ilmenau site are engaged in the provision of highly qualified engineering services in the field of electrical power quality and the subsequent plant construction. This is where the development and integration of standardized and customer-specific electrotechnical / power electronic systems are conducted in worldwide turn-key plant construction projects for industry and public energy suppliers.

Our company stands for innovation, competence, quality, and sustainability.

We are your strong and reliable partner for a safe power supply.


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